Sonntag 26. Mai 2024
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24. Winterthur Marathon


  1. This race regulation is an integral part of the contract between the organizer and the participants.
  2. In addition when registering other or additional participants (third parties) the race regulations apply. The organizer assumes that these third parties have given the authorizing person the right to register. If underage third-party runners are registered by third parties, the organizer assumes that the consent of the legal representatives has been obtained.
  3. The organizer decides on the interpretation of the provisions of these regulations and is entitled to change them.



  1. Anyone who has reached the prescribed age is eligible to start.
    Marathon → minimum age 18 years
    Half marathon → minimum age 16 years
    10 km → minimum age 14 years
    5 km → minimum age 12 years
    2.6 km → 12- and 13-year-old children
    Participants in the children’s run → according to the announcement / registration form
  2. There is a time limit of 5:30 hours (net time measurement) for the marathon. Finish cutoff time is 2:30 PM for all distances. Runners who finish later will not be classified. Marathoners who pass the first lap after 11:45 AM must finish and are listed in the ranking with the half marathon time they have reached. The end of the official competition is determined by the broom bike, which is on the circuit and timed to finish at the cutoff time. Runners who are overtaken by the broom wheel must relinquish the start number and are no longer part of the official competition.
  3. The half marathon route is certified by swiss athletics (IAAF standard) and becomes a marathon if you run it twice. All other routes are measured by GPS data.
  4. The time is measured using a passive transponder that is integrated into the start number.
  5. Participants are to comply with all the instructions given by the promoter and any event personnel, who will be clearly identified as such.
  6. Private escorts of participants on foot, with bicycles or the like are not allowed. In the children’s run, it is allowed to accompany the child on foot by an adult.
  7. There is a general ban on driving throughout the course. Carrying dogs, strollers, etc. is not allowed!
  8. Short cuts and other unauthorized aids are not permitted. Those who do not complete the course according to the route map or begin before the official start time will be disqualified.
  9. About disqualifications, the sporting director of the Organizing Committee decision is final.



  1. Registrations can be made online on the website of the organizer at or directly at MyRaceResult, Registrations by phone or e-mail will not be accepted. By registering, the participant accepts the race regulations of the Winterthur Marathon.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants at any time without reimbursement of the participation fee, due to false personal details when registering or suspicion of consumption of unauthorized substances (doping).
  3. Falsely duplicated online registrations will not be refunded, but entitle you to a freestart at the Winterthur Marathon in the following year.
  4. If a participant does not start due to illness with or without a medical certificate, any claim for reimbursement of the entry fee will be declined.
  5. A cancellation insurance of the paid entry fee can be completed upon request when registering online. In the event of illness or accident, the insured person (on presentation of a medical certificate) will receive a reimbursement of the entry fee.
  6. If the race cannot or only partially be carried out due to force majeure, extraordinary risks or official order, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee.
  7. Late registrations are possible for an extra charge up to one and a half hours before the start. Late registrations are all registrations from 15 days before the event.



  1. For the Winterthur Marathon the current doping statute of Swiss Olympic applies. Doping controls may be carried out. Participants agree to adhere to the Swiss Olympic Anti-Doping Rules and recognize the exclusive jurisdiction of Swiss Olympic Disciplinary Commission for Doping and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne, excluding the ordinary courts (



  1. Participants take part in the Winterthur Marathon at their own risk and on their own responsibility. The organizer and its partners assume no liability for risks of the participant of any kind, in particular of a health nature. The participant is responsible for attaining a suitable level of training and be physically healthy at the start. The insurance is the responsibility of the participant.
  2. The organizer rejects any liability towards spectators and third parties.
  3. The organizer accepts no liability for items stored free of charge.


Data protection

  1. By registering, the participant agrees that the data given in the registration may be used for the purpose of the event and by certain sponsors, provided that the applicable data protection law allows this.
  2. By registering, the participant agrees to the publication of last name, first name, year of birth, place of residence, start number, finish time and rank in the starting and ranking lists of the event. This consent applies to publication on the Internet, in print media, on TV, as well as for the publication of lists and speaker announcements.
  3. The type of data use by sponsors will be described in detail at registration. Without written notice to the organizer by one week before the event, the e-mail address to partners of the photo and video service and also personal data such as last name and first name, home address (street, postcode and city) date of birth, and telephone number for targeted addresses and telemarketing promotions of our co-sponsor SWICA are passed on in connection with the running event.
  4. The consent to the disclosure of data to third parties may be revoked by the participant at any time.
  5. The photos and film footage taken in connection with the running event may be used without remuneration on TV, the Internet, in own advertising material, magazines and books.
  6. Migros creates a personal running video for the participants in the event. After the event, the participants will receive an email with a link to their running video. For this purpose, the name, email address, running dates and film material of the participants are processed. The running video can contain advertising elements that may have been selected on the basis of the transmitted data. Participants can object to processing at any time, if they are not interested in a free running video, this can be stated when registering. The Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB) is responsible for this data processing. The processing takes place in accordance with the data protection declaration of the MGB, available at
  7. For the organization of the running event as well as for the electronic storage and administration of the participant data, the organizer cooperates with the data processor MyRaceResult. MyRaceResult process the personal data of the participant on behalf of the organizer. For this work the data protection regulations of MyRaceResult apply:



  1. Organizer of the Winterthur Marathon is the association Winterthur Marathon.
  2. Place of jurisdiction is Winterthur.
  3. Changes of the organizer are reserved.



Association Winterthur Marathon

Oberseenerstrasse 184, 8405 Winterthur, +41 52 238 10 79,