Sunday, May 24, 2020
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22. Winterthur Marathon


Course measurement

The routes of the Winterthur marathon have been measured with GPS devices and maps. For the next event, all routes will be measured using the Jones Counter method. In this method, the distance is accurately measured with a counter mounted on the axle of the front wheel of a bicycle. The routes will then be added to the list of measured routes at SwissRunning, and your result in a Marathon, Half Marathon or 10km race will automatically be included in the corresponding leaderboard from 2020 onwards. The basis for the measurement is a so-called calibration line along the Mattenbach of 440m in length, which was measured with the tape measure. You can also use this route section to determine your stride length.



The Winterthur Marathon is an event organized by passionate runners in their free time. Generally, our committed helpers come from clubs that agree to support our event for a fee in the club treasury. An club typically assumes an area of responsibility on their own, e.g. a food stand, so that the activity becomes a valued shared experience. In order to be able to offer our runners a better service, we are pleased about the applications of further clubs that would like to participate in the organization of the event. Applications are easily made by e-mail to


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