Sonntag 26. Mai 2024
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24. Winterthur Marathon

In its sustainability concept, the Winterthur Marathon association sets itself the goal of achieving a high level of satisfaction for all those involved in the annual staging of a marathon event. As a participant, you can be sure that, with the support of partner organizations, we also take care of the people who are quickly forgotten at such events.


never walk alone (PluSport)

«never walk alone» is an integrative and successful PluSport project with the aim of integrating disabled sports into existing running events.

Winterthur Marathon works with PluSport so that people with and without disabilities can participate in running events together and with great enthusiasm in the “never walk alone” category.



Summits4Hope allows #letsRUN4KIDS teams not only to participate in a marathon relay, but to run together for a higher goal: Education for street and slum children in Kenya. Donations will give boys and girls access to education and thus a way out of poverty. A team can donate directly or call on others to donate with a team donation page.

Winterthur Marathon offers Summits4Hope a platform to enable relay teams to collect a monetary contribution for Summit4Hope.